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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding refers to the raising of finance from a large number of individual investors who each contribute small amounts of money, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunders run online campaigns where you post your project or business idea, and monitor the income generated during the campaign. The crowdfunding company will either charge you a set fee for listing your funding request, or take a small percentage of the monies raised. Below is a list of local and international crowdfunders to consider, should you wish to pursue this type of funding.

South African Crowdfunders

Name of funder Website
Angel  Investment Network Angel Investment Network
Jozi Angels Jozi Angels
Jumpstarter Jumpstarter
JustGiving JustGiving
Livestock Wealth Livestock Wealth
The People The People
Thundafund Thundafund
Uprise Africa Uprise Africa
Venture Capital  4 Africa Venture Capital 4 Africa
Women Fund Women Fund

International Crowdfunders

Finfind (Pty) Ltd Registration Number 2015/059052/07

Lillies Quarter Lifestyle Centre,
12 Old Main Road,
South Africa

Finfind provides its services free of charge to businesses seeking finance. Our primary purpose is to link SMEs with all the relevant finance providers and finance products that match their funding needs. As a matching service, we are not required to be a registered finance provider as we do not loan money directly.