Store all the documents that funders need in one place that is secure and easy-to-access

Funders require certain company and financial information from you, as well as compliance and other documentation to verify your business details, and to assess whether you meet their criteria for funding. It is important to understand that no matter how viable your business is, or how strong your case for funding, without providing the required documents the funder is unable to assess your business and your funding request.

There are standard documents that are required by most funders, regardless of the type of funding you are requesting, and there are also some funding specific documents that are not required for all applications. We will help you to understand what documents are required for the funders that match your funding needs, to make it easier for you to get ready to submit a funding application.

It is important that you have these documents ready and easily available when the funder requests them. For this reason, Finfind provides a simple document storage feature, as part of our Find Your Funder™ application, for you to upload the necessary documents that will be needed by the funders.

Access to the document storage facility is located at the end of your registration, and profile information gathering in the Find Your Funder™ search. Click the button below to find your matching funder and upload the documents needed.